The need to create new things and express myself through art has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a little girl. My grandmother was an artist and never hesitated to take the time to teach me new crafts. I began art training with painting lessons at the age of 10, and continued with it through college where I trained as a graphic artist. I worked professionally as an artist in San Francisco and then met my husband and started a family.

While stationed in California I realized that my real passion was teaching children about art. I was sad to see that California schools cut art from their curriculum due to money. Thousands of children were being denied the wonderful gift of expressing themselves and viewing their world through art. I took matters into my own hands and began teaching for free in the local schools. Word quickly spread and I was soon teaching neighborhood and community art to children and adults.

My methods and philosophy in teaching art are simple.   Allowing Art is not just about proper technique, it is about expressing yourself creatively. I never sacrifice creativity for technique.   Each child has something to say through their art—they just need to develop the language through which to express it. This is where I can help. Give me a few precious hours with your child, and I can teach them the vocabulary of the pallet, the grammar of the brush, and the structure of shape and movement. I have helped hundreds of children and their families; let me teach your child the language of art.